Kodokan Judo

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ImageKodokan Judo is a martial art form developed by Sensei Jigoro Kano with the aim of creating fine citizens through physical education. It’s is largely based on various schools of JuJitsu, and as such is an excellent form of self-defense. The defensive and offensive moves can be practiced at full speed between experienced judoka (judo players) giving it greater practical application.

Judo is based on two main principles:

Seiryoku Zenyo: Achieve maximum efficiency with minimum effort. Kano Shihan considered this important in all aspects of life, not only in techniques of Kodokan Judo.

Jita-Kyoe: Practicing mutual welfare and benefit. Kano Shihan included this idea to balance the first. Those people looking only for their own perfection will inevitably cause conflict with those around them. Considering those about us cause the individual to be a member of the community.